Programme Design [OLD]

Strategy, Architecture & Problem-Solving




Strategic engagements are great for knowing where you want to go and for defining that direction for others to understand and follow, but they don’t necessarily change anything tangible. However, the impact of the ideas generated from a good strategy can be immense and these ideas need implementing. These are often best implemented through a programme. Programme design is a skill taking into account the size of the projects involved, the timescales for the objectives, cultural issues relating to the expectations and likely engagement of shareholders, programme cash-flow and funding to name a few attributes.

The methodology helps the team know what they need to do to achieve the objectives, but it needs a vehicle in which to travel. That is the programme, binding multiple related projects under a single banner, allowing for easier governance and stakeholder engagement.

The main outputs from programme design stage are the initial programme plan and associated initiation documents, e.g. charter, mandate, governance model, etc.

Programme planning after a strategic phase, and developing a methodology in parallel, you can achieve a programme that is both sensible and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

We specialise in initiating programmes that involve transformation through large-scale service redesign in combination with the introduction of small and enterprise-scale technology.

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