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Capability Components

Pardon, which sector? – Xtech and Why Iā€™m Fed Up with Tech part 3

I’ve written previously about the issues with xtech that arise from applying -tech to the end of a sector such as healthtech, fintech, etc. And I introduced (and revoked) the idea of a -value suffix. Earlier this week, a conversation earlier made me think more about this and I want to explore the concepts of…
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Capability Vision 0_04

Using Archimate for Business Motivation Model and MSP ā€“ Part 6: Capabilities and Org Units

Taking the model defined so far and introducing the concept of capability changes and the effect on the organisation units. Recap In the first article, I introduced the standards and the tools that are in scope of this series of articles. To recap, the chosen tools/standards/methods are: Archimate ā€“ The open source enterprise architecture modelling…
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