Be Prepared To Squirm

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Be Prepared To Squirm

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I’m back in the startup world. We’re building a software solution and an associated consultancy. It’s early days for both, however we’ve been consulting for years (well, decades) before this so that’s not new to us, but the alignment and focus is new.

We’re helping organisations of any size or sector achieve better alignment. There are a few strands to that.

  1. Are your goals on target? Are you struggling with delivering against your stated objectives?

  2. Do you have projects or programmes that don’t appear to be delivering to any of your goals?

  3. Does your organisation have core values or desired behaviours that do not fare well faced with hard decisions?

What we provide sits alongside your Portfolio/Programme/Project Management. It’s a different way of understanding what makes the organisation tick, based on formal methods from Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management and Change Management. It’s been proven to work in small and large national organisations.

Contact us and let us know how things are going in your organisation. Be prepared to squirm. If we’re doing it right, you’ll wriggle in your seat as you have to face uncomfortable questions. Those questions already exist, but they’re hidden, we’ll help you surface them and we can assist in answering.

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