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Tidy Clothes Hangers

KonMari Method applied to Organisational Design

Can we apply the KonMari to Organisational Design? The KonMari method describes how to tidy your house and how to keep it tidy. It is a set of rules that you can absorb in order to keep a less cluttered house. Having read through the concepts and the rules, I noticed some similarities to the…
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Business Motivation Blueprint

Using Archimate for Business Motivation Model and MSP – Part 4: Mission

In the first article, I introduced the standards and the tools that are in scope of this series of articles. To recap, the chosen tools/standards/methods are: Archimate – The open source enterprise architecture modelling standard Archi – a tool for working with Archimate Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Business Motivation Model (BMM) In the second article,…
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What’s in a Role Name?

How many people do you have in your organisation that produce the product for the customer and how many manage those people? We assume more people doing and fewer managing within an extended enterprise (allowing for counting those in outsourced functions). Background I was trying to find a new contact in a well-known company. One…
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