Further innovations in the musical instrument industry

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In a previous article, I wrote about TC Electronic and what we can see from the outside regarding their innovation process. Today, I’m introducing Fender’s approach to reducing churn.   Fender Musical Instruments have released a new training service called Fender Play, which has a different aim to the current Riffstation. The central idea behind Fender Play is to keep guitarists motivated to learn, by providing shorter lessons based around their favourite songs. Fast Company have a good introduction to the service, so I won’t repeat what they’ve already written. Instead, I want to highlight a few features that are of significance from a corporate innovation perspective. Attrition rate Two phrases from Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation really struck home: “About 45% of the guitars that we sell every year are bought by an absolute beginner” “Somebody […]

That Pedal Show

Examples of Innovation in The Musical Instrument Industry

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I’ve embedded a video below of an interview on That Pedal Show with Tore from TC Electronic. The video includes several good examples of some parts of the corporation innovation process at TC Electronic. What I like about the video is that it’s a natural conversation. It’s not a presentation of how they’ve innovated, or what their innovation process is such as we normally see with Power Point presentations at conferences. Instead, we get to watch a conversation between the 3 speakers that starts with stories, then progresses onto product demonstration with some further stories and explanations thrown in. We get to hear Tore’s tales about how he introduced new concepts such as how he developed the Toneprint feature (where the signal to the pedal is passed from phone through guitar pickup) and the mash feature on the newly-released pedals. […]

When is the Right Time to Change Your Mind?

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When is the Right Time to Change Your Mind? You have many opportunities in life and business to change your mind. Each of us has many opportunities, but we don’t always take those opportunities. We may be conforming to social constraints and expectations or don’t want to risk appearingĀ inconsistent by changing too often. Let’s look at a non-serious example and extract nuggets we can apply in a business context. 1) The Background I’m in a situation right now where I’m having to re-evaluate my aims. Fortunately it’s not a serious situation and there are a few parallels to my professional life. I play guitar and I own a few guitar amplifiers. Each guitar and amp has its own tonal identity and quirks. I pick the right tools for the job; playing in a 60s Motown/soul band requires different guitars and […]