Principles of Responsible Technology Suppliers

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Principles of Responsible Technology Suppliers

Principles of Responsible Suppliers

I wrote a presentation some years ago to assist some of my clients in their approach to supplier evaluation. It wasn’t a full evaluation scoring mechanism, complete with weighted values, etc. Instead it was a set of principles that suppliers should adhere to in order to be considered responsible suppliers.

The presentation was written about software suppliers. There are a number of immature software suppliers (immature in terms of age of company and approach to business) and a number of more mature suppliers who have restrictive practices. Neither are responsible. The presentation was designed to highlight some of the more restrictive practices and provide a guide to better behaviour.

The information still looks current, although there have been a few updates in the technology landscape such as the greater adoption of cloud and processing of data within the cloud.

What do you think? Do the principles resonate with you?



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