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4 ducks in a field watched by a lamb
4 ducks in a field watched by a lamb

4 ducks watched by a lamb. Facilitation in nature.

Regardless of the project, sometimes we all need an external guide to help us along. Facilitation brings structure to events, ensuring that attendees stay on-track.

The facilitator needs to be sensitive to the needs of the attendees and the needs of convener. The two sets of aims may well not be the same. Good facilitators will bring about results regardless of the differences.

Facilitation sessions are split into 4 phases:

  1. Initial engagement, identification of purpose, high-level scope definition
  2. Planning, arranging, engagement with attendees and procurement
  3. Facilitated sessions
  4. Output report and review

Previous clients have found facilitation useful for setting strategy, uncovering the real underlying problems and deciding on solutions to difficult problems

If requested, any follow-on work beyond the output report is contracted separately.

If you think you could benefit from a facilitator, contact us for an overview and further details.

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